What We Offer

Full Day Care from 07h00 – 18h00

Half Day Day Care from 07h00 – 14h30

Advanced Curriculum

Open during the holidays (Closed for a short period during December holidays)

Dual Language policy

Balanced menu prepared by our foodie chef

Our Facilities

Kido Kids has an approved population for 150 children, but we keep our school to a maximum of 120 children ensuring our children have more than enough space to learn and grow.

Our Classrooms

We have 7 Classrooms in total. 

3 Baby Classrooms

2 Tods Classrooms

2 Toddlers Classrooms

Our Kitchen

We have a fully equipped kitchen and Chef at Kido Kids, ensuring your little ones receive a balanced and healthy meal each day.

Our Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas

Indoor Play Area consists of a two-level play area offering 2 separate indoor play areas.

Outdoor Play Area consists of 7 outdoor play areas.

Kido Town

We have our own “Little Town” called Kido Town with a gym, a fully furnished house, a hairdresser, a doctor’s surgery, and a baby room. During playtime, our children have a lot of fun role-playing in Kido Town while wearing costumes and playing with each other.

Health & Safety of Our Kids

Designated Hand Sanitizing “Hot Spots” throughout the school (Mounted Automated Hand Sanitizer units)

Gated coded access control with CCTV cameras

A chef trained in Health & Safety protocols in the handling of food and beverage

Staff trained in first Aid & Covid-19 infectious disease control

We practice fire and safety drills regularly throughout the year where our entire school is evacuated ensuring we are prepared in the event of an emergency